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Although my credit was rated satisfactory, there were 4 items incorrectly reported on my credit report. In one round, financial strategies resolved the issues and had the items successfully removed. I am completely satisfied and my score has increased accordingly.

Vidalito Pogbi,
SEO / Marketing

We've just completed our first round with financial strategies and so far over half of our negative credit issues have been removed. Our scores have already gone up for both me and my husband. Can't wait to see what happens with the next round. They have been FANTASTIC!! I would highly recommend them.


I just recently started with the financial strategies and am awaiting initial results. I realize that this is an ongoing process and requires time and patience.

Larry Jane,

I recommend to anyone they are so professional and I hope by the end I can get what they promise to me but they are real good what they do.

Andy Clark,
CEO / Manager

Satisfactory with all your service.


Best help ever! On my on I got 5 deletions in about a year. In just round 1 I got 23 deletions. Can't wait to see what happens in round to with very little left. Your the best financial strategies.


I highly recommend this organization to anyone trying to repair their credit.Credit Pris have been truly professional in handling my case.

Sam Felig,

The best move I have ever made. My score went from 570 to an overall score of 680 in 2 months, and it's still going up.